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these are the first pair of decent dress shoes that I want to buy. i have otherwise always been wearing sneakers/vans in size 6.
will Alden's be able to produce in my size? Because the AE special order apparently only goes to 5D as the smallest size
also, i'm looking for oxfords. a standard classic dress shoe like the AE Park Avenues or a similar style to that.
yeah, i'm confused about my feet size as well. So the full story is this: I wanted to buy AE Park Avenues. Went to Nordstrom's, had the manager size my feet - he told me I was 5D and he had to order through the custom shoe size program. to get a second opinion, I went to the local AE store yesterday to ask about their custom shoe size program and had an employee there size my feet as well. THIS employee told me that my foot size was 4.5 EE to EEE - which of course blew my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. Back liners are a piece of leather stitched into the counter area. They are used for two purposes. 1. To take up room when the heel is loose. 2. Often the counter (heel) liners wear out. Back liners are used to repair worn counter liners. are these jobs very costly?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. If you need to take up more room, bring your shoes to a local cobbler and have them install back liners. what are back liners? sorry, I'm not too knowledgable about all this.
hmm. the container said "for men and women". is there a particular reason why it would only be for women? right now my shoe already has insoles and a heel grip (slim one), if I just add a tongue pad would that be the best? or is that just overdoing it.
Does anyone know where I can get extra-thick heel grips? I just bought a pair of Johnston and Murphys in their smallest size (6), but it's just a tad bit large and my heel keeps on slipping in and out when I walk. I'm pretty sure a good pair of thick heel grips will solve the problem. The ones that I bought at the local store are just a bit too slim, so I'm looking to get extra-thick ones. Thanks!
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