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Can someone identify this watch?
As i said:My price range is flexible, it is more important that the quality is within the range of J&M on the low end and C&J on the high end.
height: 5 feet 4.5 inches.
Hello, Having trouble finding a pair of shoes that fit my feet. Basically, I'm wondering: where can i get 4.5 E / 4.5EE dress shoes (oxfords)? After having physically been to the stores and tried on the shoes at Crockett & Jones, Aldens, Allen Edmonds, and Johnston & Murphys, they all have nothing in my size. Crockett & Jones, however, has a bespoke program ($1,250), but I am not willing to pay that much. I'm open to suggestions. Please let me know where i can find a...
size of my wrist
If I find something i really like, I can go up to $500, but that is the max.
H Thanks so much for you detailed responses. To give you more background regarding my situation: I was originally just looking for a nice dress watch to pair with my suit. I have a very small wrist (6.5"). So i googled "dress watch small wrist styleforum" and many of the threads that came up people were recommending Stowas - that's how I first got interestd in them. But in terms of my preferences, to list them I would have to say: fit: something that will fit nicely on...
though if bauhaus is available or something similar, that style is preferred. (i'm looking to pair this with a suit for work everyday)
what style of Girard Perrageaux are you suggesting?also, I am really just looking for a nice dress watch, but because my wrist is small i was originally drawn to the stowa because apparently they are only like 35mm or something small like that. if you have any other nice suggestions for a dress watch for small wrists (6.5'' wrist), i'm all ears.budget: $100-300
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