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Received my Jeffersons--beautiful shoes, in perfect condition. Took a little over 11 weeks, but apparently these shoes (from the limited-run Independence Collection) are hard to find.
I have over a dozen Hilburn shirts. I wear them with Brioni and Kiton suits, and they hold up fine. I also have dozens of Borrelli and other high-end Italian shirts. Obviously, the hand-finishing on those is far beyond the finishing on Hilburns, but the Hilburns fit orders of magnitude better. For 1/4 to 1/3 the price. I agree that the key is a good Style Advisor. Mine is fantastic. I call and she's there, in my office, usually the same day. Her measurements are...
Lost a lot of weight recently and am selling off things that no longer fit. Here's the first batch (there will be a lot more). I haven't sold on SF before but have 100% positive feedback as an occasional eBay seller. PRICES: Include shipping to CONUS. For shipping elsewhere, the price will be actual shipping. CONDITION: Unless otherwise noted, all items are in excellent used condition. I'm happy to offer a discount for multiple items. Pictures are crap,...
I have this same shoe, except with a little bit of shadow stitching--they are awesome. Maybe the most comfortable shoe I own, and the antiquing is beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon Epic thread, your shoe bender. Thanks, and obviously that's part of my motivation for generating some compensatory income. Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon What's your shoe size? I wear 10.5D. That's also my brother's size, however, and I gave him 6 of the best pairs (including some sweet Santonis, dang it), so despite the bender there will be less to sell on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Easiet to simply make a trip to your local goodwill and take the tax write off. Keep pictures and receipt... ...then read about the amazing scores in the Thrifting thread! Did that with stuff I didn't think was worth the time to post, about 5 large bags. I ended up with a $5k deduction.
I've lost a little over 65 lbs. in the last couple of years and find myself with a closet full of clothes that no longer fit. These include suits, jackets, shirts, and pants, as well as some shoe, tie, and pocket square overstock. The items range in quality, condition, and degree of formality. I'm going to post them here before resorting to eBay. There will probably be over 100 items. I've never sold anything on SF (although I have done so on eBay over the years)....
Quote: Originally Posted by easy_golfing are the gola's any comfy? Yes, they were a real surprise. I saw some on HauteLook I liked, but not in my size, so I tracked these down. I love them. Size up ½ size, though--they run a little small.
OK, got some photos up (in the original post on Page 1). Sorry it's not top-quality porn, but I was rushed.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett How did you get all these at such good prices????? Maybe I'm just off but I thought Vass and GG were 2x the prices you show. Here's the thread on that. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=233343
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