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It's going to be ny only dress shoe. It's between tr strand and the one with the holes on the front.
At the AE store now. Should I but dark brown fifth ave, park ave, or the other or with the hole style all over. I forgot the name.
Thanks guys, will go to AE store soon.
Oh really, black? My suit is navy. I typically wear grey selvage jeans with black or grey Tod's suede moccasins. Would dark brown brogues go with these jeans? Or would I have to buy some navy blue chinos/slacks? I really don't go to any formal events, just out to dinner at the typical SF style hipster restaurants.
Thanks guys. Is Allen Edmonds the best option to purchase locally (San Francisco) for my price range? If so, should I buy a matching belt when I get the shoes, or will I be able to find a matching belt elsewhere later on?
I'm 23, work at Google where the clothing culture is VERY casual, but I'm looking for some nice clothes I can wear on the weekends and to events, etc. I typically wear Tod's moccasins with jeans or Clark Desert Boots when I go out but I'm thinking it may be time to get some real shoes. Any suggestions for around $2-300? If I can only buy one pair, should it be black or brown? I don't want anything too conservative either.
Does anyone know of any good MTM shirts that are made in SF? I've used a few of the online ones before but always screw up the measurements so I'd rather do it in person.
I'm looking for a thin spring/summer nighttime suede bomber jacket. Something of decent quality in a natural color (grey/black/tan/etc). Any ideas?
i'm looking for a nice thick leather belt to wear with my naked & famous indigo and grey raw denim. does anyone reccomend a place for a decent price? i like those thick natural plain ones. I'm in San Francisco right now do local stores would be great.
Where in SFcan I find them? I've been to the Bloomingdales and Saks in SF with no luck.
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