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Bump. $349 shipped.
I have a pair of Acne raw denim in a size 32. It was worn only a few times before I realized the size wasn't working for me. I paid $200 + tax from Barney's in SF. I'm looking for only $149 shipped CONUS but would prefer a local deal. Here is a link to the jeans - http://shop.acnestudios.com/shop/men/jeans/max-raw.html
Does anyone know where I can find Wolverine Montgomery boots in SF? I can't find them anywhere locally.
So I'm spending the holidays in NYC (currently in LA). I'm planning on wearing a Patagonia Fleece with a Patagonia windproof soft-shell I just picked up so I can have a couple layering options. I'll prob just wear jeans and regular shoes and hope it doesn't snow too much while I'm there. Any advice for some good gloves and socks?
I'm looking to buy some boots. I like the Woverline 1000 Miles but want something a little more dress/less bulky from the toe box. Something I can wear to a nice restaurant with jeans for a mid twenty year old. I'm thinking a dark brown. Maybe something like this?
I have a new pair of Balenciaga Arena in the extra white in sz 43 I bought three days ago from the Melrose boutique. I can't return since I wore them for a few hours and the bottom are dirty now. I have receipt and everything else. I'm looking to close to retail, maybe less tax.
I have a brand new black/grey TOJ2011 in a 52 if anyone is interested. I need to either sell it or trade for something in a 50.
I'm looking for any black TOJ leather jacket for sale in San Francisco. I think I'm a 50 but I'd like to try on to be sure.
Hi guys. I just got my first pair of APC jeans in petit standard. They're obiously tight and stuff right now but I think they will be ok. They are a sz 30. I typically wear a 31 in N&F although those are a bit loose once they stretch. The only thing I'm worried about is the rise in the rear. It's fine when standing, but when I sit, I'm worried they might be too low? Or maybe I'm just not used to them. But when I sit, the top of the rear of the jeans is just...
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