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I have numerous pairs of Acne denim jeans. 2 pairs are Max Cash (Sz 31 and 32), and 2 pairs are Ace Cash (Size 31 and 32). They're both the black color. These have all been worn a bit, but no wholes or anything weird. I also have a pair of Max Lt Vinage in size 32, pretty much brand new. Looking for any decent offers.
Bumping this up
I have two pairs of Balenziaga Arena sneakers that I never wear. The black pair was worn maybe 10 times or so while the white pair was only worn twice. I just don't get a chance to wear $500+ shoes in my work/social environment. I have boxes and all accessories for both pairs and they are in excellent condition. Both retailed for $575+ tax so I'm looking for $499 each (or a deal for them together). The black is a size 42 and white are a 43. Here is an old pic of them I...
Yup, I do!
I have $925 in store credit from John Elliot + Co. If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'm letting it go at a discount.
Bump. $349 shipped.
I have a pair of Acne raw denim in a size 32. It was worn only a few times before I realized the size wasn't working for me. I paid $200 + tax from Barney's in SF. I'm looking for only $149 shipped CONUS but would prefer a local deal. Here is a link to the jeans - http://shop.acnestudios.com/shop/men/jeans/max-raw.html
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