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Looking at it from the front makes me want to say size down to 34 even more.
I just grabbed a Highland Park 15 before I try the 18. I liked it, similar to the Oban 14 and not sure if its worth the premium over it but its been a couple months since I had the Oban so its not fresh in my head. Next week I'm grabbing a Highland Park 18 and will report back. This bring up an odd topic though, I hate the bottle shape of the Highland Parks. Maybe because I'm a traditionalist or just a nut but I like the shape of the "traditional" scotch bottle, so much...
I'm happy with my Benjamin. The pants are a bit slim but I may be unique to me in that I have larger legs and butt due to hockey. The overall silhouette is very close to a BB Fitzgerald but the jacket is a bit shorter.
Sport coats! Sport coats!
On just the jacket, approximately $500. Looking for something more of an Ivory color more than cream.
Haven't purchased the white DJ yet. Its mainly for my wedding in May in Anguilla so I have time. I'l also in Miami a lot so I'm hoping I have a couple occasions for a white DJ there. I've been slowly looking for an off white SB shawl DJ but not having a ton of luck. Once I pick it up I'll just try it with the waist coat. My thinking is if its unbuttoned there might be too much black (well midnight blue) in the center of my torso with white around it.
Both my indochino suits wore a hole in the crotch in less than a year with once per week wearings. Although I was working as a commercial real estate broker in NYC at the time so I was doing a lot of walking. Anyways, I like my Brooks better, just have to wait for the sale.
Since I'm going with a white dinner jacket I'll go with a cummerbund. But that opens up another problem I hadn't thought about because I have a midnight blue tuxedo w/ waistcoat but no matching cummerbund.
New burgundy strands are in:
Firstly Nine, nice kit. Second, would a white dinner jacket with midnight blue trousers look off/silly? Probably not IRL but maybe in photos is what I'm thinking.
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