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Loake Strands and cashmere blend socks
I don't know the reason behind it but the result is fine. Attached is a crappy picture of my 15/32.33 TSF which shows the collar length is just fine, even on a small guy like myself. For reference this is a BB ESF I'm wearing today
Any word on more 36S Benjamin suits? Looking to pick up a mid grey one but the only thing left in stock are charcoal Napoli and Classico II and the Tux.
It would be too short for me if I were to purchase it. But I can see it being worn just fine casually. Do you think those sleeves can be lengthened enough? look like almost a full inch. I have a question. Can anyone give some suggestions on shoe manufacturers? Alden and AE last just are not attractive, I have some Loakes but ordering overseas is becoming a pain and expensive with shipping and import tax. Can anyone suggest a brand I should be looking at in the ~$500...
Anyone know anything about this Lubiam line, or even what line it is? Construction/quality?
Burnished Walnut and Burgendy (Walnut first) are my go-to chino/casual shoes. Here you'll get answers ranging all over the spectrum except for black.
Anyone notice the Rutledge shoes soak up everything? Water instantly, polish there's none to buff off after it gets in there, conditioner darkens the shoes for days. Anyways because the shoe doesn't bead of anything it's picked up NYC street grime too easy.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell me more about the construction of this line? Thanks!
The question becomes....am I shorter than I think? /shudder
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