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Does anyone have or have pictures of the Featherlight Coat?
I'm in NYC and it was fine through the "polar vortex" last winter. The coat is pretty substantial.
I have this: which is just the grey version of the one you linked I think. I've had it for only one winter and absolutely love it so far.
I dont have this overcoat but I do have the cashmere version. If this wool one is even half as nice as the cashmere one it will be worth the price.
Only on the OCBD, on their normal dress shirts its still darted.
You can't see it in that picture because his arms are crossed. When they are not its a third flappy pocket and it looks silly!
Love that brown and blue sport coat and would purchase the glenplaid suit in a heartbeat if it was 46C.
I have a SS Napoli and a Classico II both in 36S. I would not say either is more or less generous in the waist or chest. The Napoli shoulders are a bit wider and the trousers I think are slimmer in the Benjamin Classico II.To answer your question, stick with the same size.
Love the fabric, just cant do ticket pocket.
Your question is a little confusing (to me) but if I understand it correctly you are asking if this is conservative business dress, business casual or just casual. Which I would reply its just casual, if you're required to wear business casual, this would not be it.
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