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Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja ...lol. You have to be more precise because he can't proxy every 12-13 shoe :P im going to pm him my cell number
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth 'Tis true. If I come across any more nice 13s, I'll snag 'em. sweet! can do a 12-13 depending on the maker.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth Do you think I'd be bitching about passing on a pair of Bontonis if they were still there for me to get? They were gone by the time I made it back. hey, cant blame me for asking
had a pretty unbelieveable week so far highlights: kiton tie brioni tie canali tie zegna tie 8 turnbull and asser ties 2 zegna suits and a sport coat belvest wool/cashmere sportcoat brooks brothers wool/cashmere sport coat brooks brothers loro piana sport coat brooks brothers golden fleece tie (new with tag at tjmaxx LOL) polo ralph lauren benchmade in england black loafers (MINT) church's wing tips cole haan benchmade shoes (for my future father in law....little ass...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth Like that pair of Bontonis I passed on the other day, because they had a bit of a scuff on the toe and were size 13. Then I looked them up when I got home and kicked myself with a size 20 mental image of them for a few hours. how much were they? im a 13 and have a hell of a time finding shoes. pm me
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyoung05 First off, a mosin-nagant is a terrible choice (unless we're talking about the rare Finnish M39). It is inaccurate, has a terrible trigger, uses corrosive ammo, and packs a hell of a lot of recoil. If you're relatively new to shooting, this is definitely not the rifle you want to start off with. Granted, it is cheap, and ammo for it is cheap too - about the only redeeming qualities, really. After you've been shooting...
Like the title says anyone ever heard of this maker? They seem to be of good quality and they're made in South Africa. Couldnt find much on google at all
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy FYI: Look at my ebay auctions: http://shop.ebay.com/crazearcade/m.h..._from=&_ipg=25 See those hideous sweaters? I was just offered $1,100 for all 4 of them. If you see old RL sweaters with big images on them, BUY THEM. those are fucking UGLY lol.
found a pretty recent brioni tie and a turnbull & asser tie and a pair of royal imperial wingtips. the shoes are in great condition but i can see the size anywhere on them. any tips to find out the size?
+1 for hairspray
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