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Also looking for some high end stuff to replace some of the crap in my closet i bought before i knew better. anyone in the Dallas area know of any good stores? I think i have pretty much scoured all of the stores in my area i know of and havent found much in my sizes (46r 40x30 17/34 13shoe)
bought a mint velvet Christian Dior blazer yesterday for a buddy, but he doesnt want black. Im going to throw it on ebay, but have no idea where to price it. any ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack LBJ was true Texan. Not a caricature like other Texas presidents. god bless Texas!!
have alot of shirts, slacks, sportcoats, shoes etc for sale here: http://shop.ebay.com/chris1995gt/m.h...&_trksid=p3686
Quote: Originally Posted by Aldehyde I broke down and bought a modern car for my 2 hour per day commute. It's quite nice. Adequate speed and very comfortable on the highway. The engine is from the future (for me at least). Quad cam 32 valve 10:1 all alloy V8 with magnesium valve covers. I've got a 3 spoke euro M3 wheel on order, and the wheels will be jettisoned soon. YUMMY! I have seriously thought about ditching my...
pic is from google, but same year and color
nope theyre 9's
Found a pair of Alden's.....of course they're not my size, but im sure ill find them a good home
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face All in your size? That is quite a grab. a lot is, but ill put whatever doesn't, or i don't want on ebay. my 45 days here to post a f/s thread hasn't passed so i cant post them here
Past ccouple days haul: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece (mint) 2 other Brooks Brothers suits Oxxford Clothes Blazer Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt and tie Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Fendi Tie 3 Pairs of nearly new Allen Edmonds Brooks Brothers Brooksease sport coat 3 Facconable Dress shirts lonenzini casual/dress shirt 5 or 6 brooks brothers dress shirts I need to cut back lol
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