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Found a pair of Alden's.....of course they're not my size, but im sure ill find them a good home
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face All in your size? That is quite a grab. a lot is, but ill put whatever doesn't, or i don't want on ebay. my 45 days here to post a f/s thread hasn't passed so i cant post them here
Past ccouple days haul: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece (mint) 2 other Brooks Brothers suits Oxxford Clothes Blazer Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt and tie Salvatore Ferragamo Tie Fendi Tie 3 Pairs of nearly new Allen Edmonds Brooks Brothers Brooksease sport coat 3 Facconable Dress shirts lonenzini casual/dress shirt 5 or 6 brooks brothers dress shirts I need to cut back lol
Yesterdays finds most of which arent my size just need to find new homes. Try to take pics today. Hickey Freeman Bespoke Blue Blazer ($1.79) Prada suit coat ($6.99) Saks 5th avenue tan 100% cashmere blazer ($6.99) 3 NWOT Brooks Brothers shirts, 2 are my size! (less than 5 bucks each) 3 Ralph Lauren "Lauren" Sport Coats 2 my size! (under 5 bucks each) Hope to make some good scores today with alot of the local thrift stores doing 1/2 off everything sales!
forgot, also found 2 brooks brothers wool suits that look brand new for 15 bucks each!!
found SEVERAL pairs of Brooks Brothers pants and shirts. Also found several pairs of ralph lauren slacks. nothing over 5 bucks!
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