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having lived in Dallas Texas for 5 years i grew VERY fond of Waffle House and havent found anything since being back in Cali that compares i miss living in the south
I used a SLIGHT amount of Allen Edmonds cordovan care cream. the discoloration was from abraisions and i had already tried to brush them out or an hour or so. they look a million times better now.
suggestions for lighting?
i need a dslr. my nikon l310 is shit.
id normally say plain for the office but i really dont follow that rule at my current job. i think medallions are more fun, and the male population at my office thinks that steve madden slip on square toed elf shoes are the bomb. Now i just wear whatever i feel like.
i love reading this exact same topic posted what seems to be on a weekly basis. If a black shirt makes your GF happy which in turn will get you laid, then wear the black shirt. Most likely nobody there will even know the difference nor will they care.
awesome. i love that zegna tie and was hoping it was legit. its so nice id still wear it if it wasnt though LOLthank you sir! I forgot to light up the spoo signal, but you still came through like a Gthanks!i like the pattern on the vintage on too and am heartbroken it isnt my size I thought it was cantarelli but couldn't remember.i guess that's better than the "holy shit!" i let out in the middle of the store when i opened the jacket up LOL
here's a good portion of my haul yesterday. Not pictured are the sport coat, top coat, tie and pocket squares i got for 70% off of the outlet price which is 1/2 of retail first up is the ties. mostly good makers and a couple lower ends that i just liked the pattern. the zegna in this pic is an "exclusive design" and feels fantastic. Hoping this versace is legit and any insight as to the quality of the ties/maker of the ties on the left is appreciated. the quality is...
EPIC haul today....details to come i'm hitting the sack. maybe ill cuddle up with the kiton cashmere sport coat i found.....
this is true for the nordtrom rack in San Leandro CA for the bay area guys.
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