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thanks man! ive spent $11 on a LOT worse. Any suggestions on how to wear it? I'm kind of at a loss since im really just now getting into the vintage stuff.
i personally leave the ugly dated shit behind. its not really worth my time to list an 80s zegna tie i may make 15 bucks on.
wear a collared shirt
heres a cool vintage cashmere sport coat i found last week. it fits great so id guess it to be a 44r. Just need to figure out how to pull this off.
lol this pic cracks me up!
well opinions are like assholes....everyone has one, and most stink! Lets gt to talking about clothes! or waffle house....
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_United_StatesThe United States Census Bureau disagrees with you.
having lived in Dallas Texas for 5 years i grew VERY fond of Waffle House and havent found anything since being back in Cali that compares i miss living in the south
I used a SLIGHT amount of Allen Edmonds cordovan care cream. the discoloration was from abraisions and i had already tried to brush them out or an hour or so. they look a million times better now.
suggestions for lighting?
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