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While those photos are genuinely sad, the point you're trying to make with them is a stretch. A country's general disinterest in its environment and citizens is not wholly indicative of the general state of the free market system. Especially when said country is not a participating member of that system other than a workforce consisting basically of endentured servitude. The government elite in those manufaturing countries are even more to blame for facilitating what you...
Throwing around webster's thesaurus doesn't make your attempt at a point valid. In fact, i find it amusing that someone (who judging by the links to their auction listings in their signature) who undoubtedly benefits from a free market, is such a critic of it.
And yet have no impact on it.....Dont get me wrong, i agree with you, but there will ALWAYS be people asking 2x what something is worth.
the glorious thing about a free market system, is that these things tend to take care of themselves.
that sweater is awesome!
who cares if people sell shit on ebay.....they put in the work to find it, its their prerogative.
there's a difference between intentional ugliness, and just plain fucking ugly.
thanks man! ive spent $11 on a LOT worse. Any suggestions on how to wear it? I'm kind of at a loss since im really just now getting into the vintage stuff.
i personally leave the ugly dated shit behind. its not really worth my time to list an 80s zegna tie i may make 15 bucks on.
wear a collared shirt
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