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I'm sure they aren't, but are their lives any less valuable than the kids in Newtown? California (the state with he toughest gun laws) has a 50% higher population than Texas (one of the most lax in regards to gun laws), yet the murder by firearm rate is 100% higher in California than in Texas. How about Washington DC and Chicago.....2 of the cities with the strictest gun laws coincidentally have the highest rates of murder by firearm.edit: more exact #s. in 2011 in...
and id wager that a large portion of those were in areas with strict gun control laws IE chicago/ny/la etc.Also those numbers usually include police involved shootings and justifiable homicide. Most are from gang related activity though. How many lives were saved or how many weren't raped due to them being armed? Didn't see that number get posted up.When the criminals turn in their guns, ill gladly give up mine.
that sucks. Blue skies and sunny today in the SF bay area, and im off work in 8 minutes.
now they're is an example of working together! :/lol
im just doing my part to entertain the guys stuck at home due to inclement weather!
depending on they're situation their could be several right answers.
LOL no shit. Im wearing an etro sport coat and pocket square today and im offended by that shirt
this guy needs a shirt like that!
OMG that's fucking awful.
I don’t know how I missed this gem....I saw it in Mainy's quote and felt compelled to respond even though I said I was done with the conversation. You are not merely exchanging goods for capital on eBay. You are letting a free and open market dictate the amount of capital you will receive for said goods. If you were merely exchanging capital for goods, you would have a fixed price. That said, I really couldn’t give less of a shit about what you're selling or your personal...
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