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i have like 5 pairs of gap slim straight selvedge i bought for 45/ea on sale for beater jeans. I cant complain either.
still super bummed that Ike Behar polka dot tie is sold
every skeet rag ive seen has one.
any 46R guys here interested in a PRL by corneliani wool/angora sportcoat? super soft, herringbone pattern looks like a 3 button but wears more like a 3/2. ticket pocket and side vented. looks flawless from what i can tell. Wanted to give my boys here dibe before it ends up on the bay. p2p is about 25" Shoulder is 20 length is 31 waist is 23 Sleeve is 24 1/2 with 3/4 to let out Got this on a trade here and it didnt work for me. prefer to trade for something in a 44r SC...
The spiewak is for me so I'm not worried about flipability. However just picked up a fucking MINT vintage chalk line satin 49ers jacket that fits. I have the weirdest boner right now.
In the field. Need an quick answer. Should I kop this spiewak bomber jacket? Made in china 56% cotton 44% nylon. I've seen this name somewhere and it jumped out at me. It's 11 dollars.
In the field and theres a "mani" unvented suit with quintuple pleated pants for $299. Need to know quick if i should kop! Its vintage, looks to be at LEAST from the mid 80's! thanks!
i think for $183 dollars id probably pass.
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