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have a bout 90 items online currently some auction style (mostly kigh end ties canali, zegna, brioni, kiton) and a few BIN OBO on nwot etro pocket squares and some shoes as well! Have 15 sport coats and suits coming on this week soon and also like 40 shirts so stay tuned!
nice E38!
Thanks! Yea work as returned to a normal human level so I may be on the hunt here and there.
What up!!!!!
What's up!!!! Yea man just been busy with work. Yea upgraded the thrift mobile from the trans am but still black on black Vader status hahaha.
glad to see this thing is still rocking and rolling! Hope everyone is well Haven't been on the hunt in a while but hoping to start back up soon! If any of you SF bay area folks see a black CTS-V in your local thrift store parking lots you know i already snaked the good stuff!!! HAHAHA -Chris
my neigbors downstairs hate me im sure after last night! lolwhat a great game! SHARKS BABY!!!!!
glad to see this thread is still movin and groovin! Been rediculously busy with work, but it hink i may hit the thrifts this weekend to see if I've still got it! hope everyone is well!
That Fox Hunt jacket is fucking pimp. I want one fully knowing i would never wear it LOL
headed out now guys, wish me luck lol
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