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Yea there's a TON of fake shit marked up high
Found these new Stuart mcguire loafers. Can someone help Id the hide? Is it just embossed leater?[IMG]
Had a pretty solid laugh about this
So a full day of thrifting yesterday in the south bay area netted a few items. 3 Brioni ties a zegna tie, a mint Michael kors suit I would normally pass on but its wool, it was 6 bucks and it's miiiint. Also got a mint old school old Navy pea coat and a pair of Cole Haan boots that are keepers. Barely paid for the gas :/
what's her seller ID? Want to steer clear lol
Also found ano emporio armani 42r top coat...forgot that.
yea I know I'm lazy hahabeen picking up steam again to me some side cash. In the last week ive found a kiton db suit, kiton db orphan jacket, flannel Glen plaid zegna db suit and 2 pairs of nwt bills khakis jeans but they're like 50x36 lol
Glad to see this thing is alive and kicking! Been picking up and stockpiling random pieces here and there wishing I was in an area that was better for thrifting. :/
have 60 items ending tomorrow night zegna, canali, alden, etro, chester barrie and more! all .99 starting prices!
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