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Size up one and they fit nicely, and longer than the normal t-shirts.
Grabbed the triple grey in size L, thanks!
Pretty sure the Carpe 7 holes weren't there a few days ago. Hope they are still available.
Dark whiskey calf moto tracking
I think I need this jacket in my life.
Are measurements for devoa jackets posted anywhere? I am guessing I would need a 4-5, but no idea really. Mostly looking st the linen ss13 lapelless blazer.
TOJ/BLK DNM/Isaora/Buttero
Second TOJ ordered. Dat dark whiskey calf.
I am looking for the black reverse leather Buttero laced boots in a size 43-43.5, or possibly Dayton service boots or something else with a similar shape in black/dark grey reverse leather boots. Please send me your offers. My new TOJ is lonely with my total lack of black footwear.
New Posts  All Forums: