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I actually like the color unpolished and are heel taps necessary?What else should i make sure to do to make them last long?Shoe trees necessary?
I bought the black mmm boots off ebay for $125 shipped recently did i make a huge mistake?
thanks! they're less freaky.
and what's wrong with my taste? And most of those jackets, i found them on other sites, no need to be so rude.
whats so wrong about this thread? :SS
First off Im a skinny guy, i weigh 120 pounds, and im looking for a jacket. Right now, my trend is skinny jeans and polos / fitted clothes .. etc.. possibly referred to as the skater boy / preppy look. Anyways i was thinking of a pea coat but the length + since im really skinny, itll look sooo weird on me lmfao. Anyways i've included some of the jackets i've looked at the past 5 days, and tell me which you like the best, if i end up buying the jacket you choose,...
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