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I'm sure this was already covered in this thread, but if the Canada online store has stock of a certain size, but the US doesn't, will the US eventually get the sizes Canada has that doesn't sell?
I am very interested in this suit but looks like 38R is sold out...and I don't see the matching trousers. I own one Club Monaco Grant suit and actually prefer the fit and cut over JCrew's Ludlow suits. I'm going to have my eye open for more Club Monaco suits!
Anyone with knowledge of Club Monaco's MODERN SLIM FIT shirts? Their slim fit shirts fit pretty well on me....wonder if the modern slim fit is even better.
Did you have to buy instore to get that price?
Anyone tried of have input on the new Banana Republic "Modern-Slim Fit" Suit? It's supposed to be their slimmest cut.
Awesome. If LE Tailored is even cut slimmer than LE Canvas, then I'm in!
I'm sure this might have been asked (and answered) a bunch of times but I did multiple forum searches and couldn't find a definitive answer. Does anyone out there know if the Lands End Tailored Fit dress shirts fit similar or comparable to the Lands End Canvas Poplin shirts? I wear a size S in Lands End Canvas and could not be happier with the fit on on their shirts. If the Lands End Tailored Fit comes close to the cut of the Canvas, I'll be really happy. Thanks in...
Just wondering if anyone can comment on the quality and cut of Simon Spurr suits now that Simon Spurr himself is no longer part of the company. I would think the brand carries on with the same quality and design that Simon Spurr set precedence to but then again...we all know how change can affect things. Any thoughts anyone?
When do you think J Crew will start having Fall/Winter stuff? There are a few summer items that I want that I just know will be pushed to the Sales section once the Fall/Winter gear is out.
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