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price dropped
I'm selling a size 52 Acne Jeans contrast collar shirt. It has a blue body with a white collar. The shirt was purchased online on the Acne webstore at $220 retail. Since then, the shirt has been worn twice. I am asking $60 shipped in US. This shirt is great for the summer. It comes with extra buttons and will be drycleaned+pressed for you before shipping. Adtl photos/measurements can be requested. PM me with offers/questions.
i'm not sure what smell you're talking about? rubber from the soles? edit: Jekyll, if you are in US, there is a good chance i can flatrate it.
banned from sufu for misbehaving. look up my last posts. and yes, avery, they should. there are from the same exact manufacturer. thank you
Black: ( White: ( I've done three runs of the same sneakers in the past. These are great, cheap summer sneakers. This is how it works: I have to order by 24 pair intervals. First come, first serve. These sneakers are much cheaper than anywhere else even with shipping. I can get them in black and white, sizes 7-13. You pay me when you order and I will ship out once...
fit pics for jil parka plz
Bought it off gilt, can't return and need to pay bills. Size Large, two diff striped patterns, Epaulet on one side, cotton, Take it now for $40 shipped in the US. Lots of transactions/pos rep on superfuture. Any other info, pics, whatever, just email me for fastest reply: bjarkasi %AT%
I have one pair in 8.5 and two pairs in 12. Heres my original sufu thread when i did a bulk run of these: The sneakers go for $8 each + ship, urban sells them 16 each. PM me with zipcode, and what size you want. BTW: I AM NOT doing a bulk run of these, I am only selling three pairs, one 8.5 and two 12s. Thank you.
is ebay cashback coming back?
lots of common projects in big sizes
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