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Quote: Originally Posted by historyavenger This sucks, but at least I had time to order a pair of suiting shorts. http://hejfina.com/details.asp?txtGe...ProductId=1528 34 already gone I see...
<3 la fin du monde, always a fight between that and tripel karmeliet for my beer dollars
Those suede ones remind me of USMC boondockers...
ep 8 is available on HBO on demand and various "alternative" sources, imo the best yet
Yeah I liked the look of the shorts in the LB, haven't seen them anywhere yet, did you see them at Segal?
Oh my, those Vass boots are giving me palpitations...how extraordinary in their simplicity!
Quote: Originally Posted by CodeRed Anyone heard a good joke lately while we wait? pages 1-6
So much for the idea that I could think on that piece
Details: Shipping within continental US via priority mail is included in price. I accept payments via paypal (verified addresses required). Please PM me if you are interested in purchasing. I'll ship overseas, you can PM me for a quote. I am paypal verified with over 200 transactions as a seller (mostly from ebay), if that helps with any trust issues. Up is a pair of Kicking Mule Workshop 1980s in raw dark gray/black denim sz 33L, $130 shipped. I bought these a...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet After countless posts, this reply ascertains the fact that you posted this in an effort to troll. +1
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