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Rochefort 8, Tripel Karmeliet, La Fin du Monde, Gulden Draak ( I think I like Tripels ) Oh, and Sam Adams for when I'm feeling cheap or out at a place w/ few options.
FYI, Barney's COOP at South Coast Plaza got a few of the S/S shirts, including the contrast collar short sleeves in both yellow and blue, as well as the overdyed wine shirt and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting. Of course, you'll have to suffer the markup of about 20% that they charge...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Lucky bastard...I've been less than problem free Jon. That sucks, I do worry about the car (particularly the transmission) past 50k, i.e. w/o warranty. I have no data to base that on, but my gut says it would have above average costs...
I have an Audi A3 3.2 w/ DSG (25k miles) and can second the opinions about DSG, it's a lot of fun, and so far no problems with it either. Of course there are some times that I'd like a manual, but I imagine if I did have one then I'd just wish for DSG with the same frequency.
Quote: Originally Posted by historyavenger This sucks, but at least I had time to order a pair of suiting shorts. http://hejfina.com/details.asp?txtGe...ProductId=1528 34 already gone I see...
<3 la fin du monde, always a fight between that and tripel karmeliet for my beer dollars
Those suede ones remind me of USMC boondockers...
ep 8 is available on HBO on demand and various "alternative" sources, imo the best yet
Yeah I liked the look of the shorts in the LB, haven't seen them anywhere yet, did you see them at Segal?
Oh my, those Vass boots are giving me palpitations...how extraordinary in their simplicity!
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