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Quote: Originally Posted by robin It really varies person to person. I'm perfectly fine going off to do things by myself (traveling alone is awesome) and see nothing wrong with it, but I'm also an introvert and being around and engaging with lots of people constantly is actually tiresome for me. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The best picture I saw was on MSNBC. Not Bad!! Spitzer's Call Girl on MSNBC. Nicely played.
Maaaaybe the blue shorts, otherwise
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo why is this thread so retarded? instead of praising my hat, you people just argue like bitches over meaningless things. Girl is hot, newb is ugly... and? QFT
drive: 06 audi a3 3.2 want: 07 audi rs4
Easy to feel somewhat bitter about the end of any series, nonetheless one as great as this. I thought they did a pretty good job of tying a lot up. the series and a solid to the finale. I thought the opening was just hilarious...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black 'There will be blood' and 'No country for old men' are both great sartorial inspirations. Today, for my birthday, i'm doing a 2008 rendition of TWBB costume.
^^ That makes sense to me, I'd probably go for at least a captoe. Funny how some opposite opinions regarding wingtips/medallions/etc and how dressy they are have shown up in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo its not that bad with the Jake/Blackbird discounts. Fucking inflation. Agreed, it's great that they offer discounts to the forum. Now if only they'd carry the selection that SW does I guess my point is, as someone on a fairly limited budget, I will only spend that kind of money (20% discount or not) if it really excites me, and I've yet to see anything like that in stock at either of those places,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gem-bean have you worn those boots with a suit? Do they work? Can't say I have tried, my line of work doesn't really call for a suit too often (academic indentured servant ) I'll only say that regardless of the pants they are paired with, it remains obvious that they are boots. Any judgment of the matter beyond that I defer to you and/or MC people.
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