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Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black 'There will be blood' and 'No country for old men' are both great sartorial inspirations. Today, for my birthday, i'm doing a 2008 rendition of TWBB costume.
^^ That makes sense to me, I'd probably go for at least a captoe. Funny how some opposite opinions regarding wingtips/medallions/etc and how dressy they are have shown up in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by keykoo its not that bad with the Jake/Blackbird discounts. Fucking inflation. Agreed, it's great that they offer discounts to the forum. Now if only they'd carry the selection that SW does I guess my point is, as someone on a fairly limited budget, I will only spend that kind of money (20% discount or not) if it really excites me, and I've yet to see anything like that in stock at either of those places,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gem-bean have you worn those boots with a suit? Do they work? Can't say I have tried, my line of work doesn't really call for a suit too often (academic indentured servant ) I'll only say that regardless of the pants they are paired with, it remains obvious that they are boots. Any judgment of the matter beyond that I defer to you and/or MC people.
Yeah it's pretty absurd, there is/was a great red plaid pattern at coop that was 290, regular cotton/no special materials, I figured I was safe to wait for sales at those prices, but the damn thing sold out at retail prices. Who are these people?? The south willard stock for s/s is great, but so many shirts above 250, no way i can justify it. Doesn't help that BoO is kept deliberately in short supply...
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 i would definitely say a BoO large is closer to a jcrew small than a medium is. south willard actually got back to me fairly quickly....guy said he was in hawaii, but still emailed me back about my BoO sizing question, although it wasnt a very indepth response for those that have had experience w/ the new batiste overdyed shirts...are they essentially the same as the overdyed shirts from the previous season? with...
This style is quite different, but I do wear these with my 5EPxSF and various KMW. I also wear Polo/C&J darlton wingtips with some jeans. My opinion is that if the shoe is really bulky, then it will look weird with highly tapered jeans. NS aren't that tapered imo, so I think you should be fine...provided the outfit as a whole is congruent with the medallion look.
Yeah for me the chest/shoulders fit great in the M but I've grown a slight belly in recent months, hence my preference towards the L
Wine shirt was nice, I tried it on as well. It's darker than in the south willard pictures, go to eluxury for some more accurate ones. Nice light weight fabric and the fit seemed pretty consistent (I'm normally an S in steven alan etc, L fit best for me w/ this). Only didn't buy because I've burned a lot of cash lately on other things and figured if I do then there is no reason to pay the $40 markup that COOP has over south willard...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Yes, "Ban the rap", is an important part of the GOP platform.
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