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Glad I bought my cordovan wingtips (on sale) when I did!
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I prefer this Roche Vouceau. It tells time simultaneously in Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome and Gstaad.
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val -Anime and Japan-obsession in general. To the point where people I know have moved there permanently. I never got being so distanced from your own culture that you grew up in that you want to abandon it for one that will never, ever, accept you as one of their own. Agreed. Personally I've seen an even more confusing extension of this, which is the large intersection between this culture and a particular...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I've read it many many times, but I have not yet read all of Galt's speech at the end. I have not yet met anyone who has, and I will be suspicious of the first man who claims it. Rand was Russian and English was not her first language. It is no literary artpiece, but I would rate the writing quality as being better than what's put out nowadays by many native speakers. QFT. I've read it a few times,...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin It really varies person to person. I'm perfectly fine going off to do things by myself (traveling alone is awesome) and see nothing wrong with it, but I'm also an introvert and being around and engaging with lots of people constantly is actually tiresome for me. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson The best picture I saw was on MSNBC. Not Bad!! Spitzer's Call Girl on MSNBC. Nicely played.
Maaaaybe the blue shorts, otherwise
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo why is this thread so retarded? instead of praising my hat, you people just argue like bitches over meaningless things. Girl is hot, newb is ugly... and? QFT
drive: 06 audi a3 3.2 want: 07 audi rs4
Easy to feel somewhat bitter about the end of any series, nonetheless one as great as this. I thought they did a pretty good job of tying a lot up. the series and a solid to the finale. I thought the opening was just hilarious...
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