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bloomies @ scp has grey perfs left in 45 (picked up 44 for myself) and shell toe whites in several sizes, as well as 2 pairs of the laceless in sizes i don't recall. Paid around $120 for the grey perfs.
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 Maybe you would like to be at the reciving end of a crime... ! To defend pedophiles and sexual deviants is a disease , not conservatism Conservatism, is a political opinion and as a liberal you would then be bound by your views to accept my views as well. Else when you take liberalism to the extreme where only your views are right, you wind you start sounding like a despot. I think the point some have is...
graduate student researcher
Quote: Originally Posted by fishermanBOB For anybody interested in the best functionality, I recommend Lej Eyewear, I recently bought a pair of these for fishing and I wear them while biking, playing golf, anything I do that is outside. They're super lightweight, keep sweat out of your face, and block the sun better than any other competitive brand! under multiple users
FYI, I was poking around the SW site just now and noticed that they actually did post the sale prices online and updated stock. Of course, everything I had my eye on is already gone, guess that's what I get for not bothering to make the trip today.
That suit they have is nice for anyone who is a size 4 in BoO. I bought the same thing in a smaller size a couple months back, at a further 30% reduction during one of their weekend sales. Their suits are made by Martin Greenfield and thus offer pretty great quality for the (sale) price. I would assume that the other jackets and vest are also made by Greenfield.
I still enjoy the series and find it just as engaging as season 1. The writers seem to have accelerated the pace of the show vs seasons 2 and 3, which is refreshing.
Quote: Originally Posted by scruff FAIL.
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