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FYI, I was poking around the SW site just now and noticed that they actually did post the sale prices online and updated stock. Of course, everything I had my eye on is already gone, guess that's what I get for not bothering to make the trip today.
That suit they have is nice for anyone who is a size 4 in BoO. I bought the same thing in a smaller size a couple months back, at a further 30% reduction during one of their weekend sales. Their suits are made by Martin Greenfield and thus offer pretty great quality for the (sale) price. I would assume that the other jackets and vest are also made by Greenfield.
I still enjoy the series and find it just as engaging as season 1. The writers seem to have accelerated the pace of the show vs seasons 2 and 3, which is refreshing.
Quote: Originally Posted by scruff FAIL.
My parents struggled for most of my early years, and then became very successful around the time that I was halfway through high school. As a result, they covered my college tuition, instead of myself paying for it using the bonds they had purchased in my name at the time of my birth. The cash that landed in my lap was substantial, but I always kept in mind that it represented my parents prudent planning and hard work and thus never spent a dime of it. On the other...
I moved in to a very small apartment for graduate school 2 years ago and did not (more like couldn't afford) a new TV. I bought an eyetv hybrid (USB ATSC tuner) for my desktop computer which allows me to watch over the air HD signals. I pretty much just use it a few times a year for major sporting events. I acquire the few shows I do watch via other means.
Good cook and terrible baker
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Currently smoking a pork butt in my Big Green Egg .
I consider myself average/above average. What I do always makes people assume some degree of intelligence, but in reality it is just a matter of perseverance/patience and basic logical thinking.
Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. I had a friend in college take his own life. Both us (his friends) and his family looked very hard for a "why" or any signs that were missed. He was by all accounts a happy and outgoing person. He left no notes or communication to anyone, nor did he have any obvious motive to do so. However, going through is personal effects we discovered he had been planning it for some time, since he had bought several items that could only serve one...
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