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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Don't forget that his charities touched millions. A great man with deeds beyond just excellent acting. He will be an icon. Indeed, some may not be aware that his food brands resulted in 100% of the profits going to charities...something on the order of $250 million so far. Clearly a class act.
I have to agree with others about buying this online, but if you are set on it... has a few items under mens shirts
I own several sidecar pieces, including the wallet, and I'm happy with the leather. I've had the wallet for about 2 years now, and there are few, if any, signs of wear. Full disclosure: I paid about $150 for the wallet on ebay (new)
Obviously LA is much better than OC and not too far. Still, I'd at least hit up SCP for bloomies and coop. Bloomingdale's often carries good stuff such as margiela, common projects, engineered garments, etc. Even better, the awful taste of the locals tends to result in this stuff going on deep discount several times a year... The coop is what it is, not much can be said there.
My family had a dog (large, about 110lbs) who would hide and pant non-stop during storms.
bloomies @ scp has grey perfs left in 45 (picked up 44 for myself) and shell toe whites in several sizes, as well as 2 pairs of the laceless in sizes i don't recall. Paid around $120 for the grey perfs.
graduate student researcher
Quote: Originally Posted by fishermanBOB For anybody interested in the best functionality, I recommend Lej Eyewear, I recently bought a pair of these for fishing and I wear them while biking, playing golf, anything I do that is outside. They're super lightweight, keep sweat out of your face, and block the sun better than any other competitive brand! under multiple users
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