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price dropped
Up for sale here is a pair of KMW Rockers in size 33W 32L, raw & made in Japan edition. I bought these and wore them no more than 5 or 6 times before my new cycling hobby made my thighs explode in size, so my loss is your gain (Obviously) never washed/soaked. They are identical to what was for sale here: KMW Rocker @ Context Offered at SOLD shipped within US. I took some measurements from the actual pair for sale here: Waist: 17" Thigh: 12" across at widest...
Have to chime in....loved most of season 1, but this show is a big failure now.
The vote was the greatest fade i've had in a long while...Clearly there is a lot of crap in the economic pipeline already, we now get to spend a long time watching what comes out the other end.
Times of extreme volatility such as now tend to make people emotional and impulsive. The setups on either side here are ridiculously risky. The various sentiment indicators I watch seem to agree that many believe this to be capitulation/bottom, which of course should scream a warning of the opposite. If the market action today didn't shake out the bulls, I hate to see what the real shakeout looks like. Trying to catch a bottom in individual equities is bad enough,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Don't forget that his charities touched millions. A great man with deeds beyond just excellent acting. He will be an icon. Indeed, some may not be aware that his food brands resulted in 100% of the profits going to charities...something on the order of $250 million so far. Clearly a class act.
I have to agree with others about buying this online, but if you are set on it... ronherman.com has a few items under mens shirts
I own several sidecar pieces, including the wallet, and I'm happy with the leather. I've had the wallet for about 2 years now, and there are few, if any, signs of wear. Full disclosure: I paid about $150 for the wallet on ebay (new)
Obviously LA is much better than OC and not too far. Still, I'd at least hit up SCP for bloomies and coop. Bloomingdale's often carries good stuff such as margiela, common projects, engineered garments, etc. Even better, the awful taste of the locals tends to result in this stuff going on deep discount several times a year... The coop is what it is, not much can be said there.
My family had a dog (large, about 110lbs) who would hide and pant non-stop during storms.
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