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Another vote for K&L, they have a great website with realtime inventory and they do free will-call and transfers between their locations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Remind me again why shutting the government down for a few days to get an agreement on deficit reduction is something I'm supposed to be enraged about. Not that it is important to anybody but our families, but our wedding is in a national park soon with almost everybody flying across the country to attend. My fiance is near a breakdown with worry over something we cannot influence nor predict...
Often there are good fellowships and string-free funding for the first year or two in a lot of programs. I've seen stipends as high as 30k/9 months. Some defense fellowships (with awful summer/post-graduation employment requirements and clawbacks if you don't graduate) offer over 40k. For regular TA/GSR funding, I've never seen it break 20k. This is in computer science.
Another vote for this brand, love the service and the high quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger Huh? I know how the academic job application game is played. I know that I would have to apply everywhere and anywhere, and be prepared to live in the country, in the city or on a mountain. My reference to the alumni networks is simply because if I'm pursuing nonacademic jobs (and hell, I might get to the MA program, hate my life and dread ever pursuing this further), it will help. As for your "harsh truth", yea that's...
I'm near completion of a doctorate in the sciences and my friends in non-technical programs really have struggled without funding. In almost any field the academic job market is abysmal, even coming from top schools. Also, beware of budget issues when selecting a state school. I'm in CA and our fees have gone up over 50% in a single year! I'd chose based on funding first and faculty a close second. Remember that it is a long haul and a lack of funding could cripple...
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Her voice has changed a lot since Humpty Dance. HAHAHA
White gum low match? http://hypebeast.com/2010/01/common-...illes-preview/
Of course the hype is overblown and the snobs will always be snobs, but AF has only been getting better IMO. I saw them most recently last October in Big Sur (Henry Miller Library ) and they seemed a lot tighter live vs. what I remember from the Neon Bible tour and much more so vs. the Funeral days. I'm happy for them with the Grammy, they really are nice people. At HML the band mingled with the (very small) crowd for an hour both before and after the show, Win was...
I also like the Max Bill clocks, but I think I prefer the one with numbers printed
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