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For anyone who was watching it, I just bought the white/blue ijevan from farfetch in L, not sure if I will keep, fyi.
Pretty embarrassing and if responsible people were in power it could have been avoided. That being said, other than legal constraints, I am curious as to why anyone gives a shit what these clowns have to say anymore.
Same here...
Wish I had gotten a picture, but in Orange County CA: MYCOXR, with a pair of bumper nuts on some gigantic tricked out SUV.
I forgot to throw in a mention for Sequoia and Kings Canyon just south of Yosemite. Crowds are much smaller and it is really a backpackers dream. The scenery rivals Yosemite and it is not hard at all to hike for 30 minutes and feel like you are in the wilderness. Even just for car tourism, driving to roads end in KC is up there for me on most scenic drives ever.
Yosemite valley is wonderful, but go in the spring or winter to avoid the ridiculous summer/fall crowds. The place is absolutely stunning year round, but late winter is really special IMO.
Honestly is this a Bijan heir trying to unload inventory or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu luisa summer sale (no code). all mmm and jil clothing 50% off.. Thanks, picked up some GATs
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse My point is that Obama's supporters have gone silent, leading me to conclude that they never really cared about Bush's policies in the first place. Bush's policies were just an excuse to compare him to Hitler, say he was a war criminal, etc. Obama has embraced and expanded Bush's anti-terrorism tactics, and now he is a war hero on MSNBC, and everyone is happy. I think it is mostly just disappointment...
Not sure what your budget is, but if you have money to spare check out http://www.amanresorts.com/. They are almost all in amazing locations and IMO offer a perfect balance between resort/relaxation and sightseeing/tourism, all with amazing service. Their resorts in Indonesia are phenomenal, and I hear the new property in Montenegro (Sveti Stefan) is quite special.
New Posts  All Forums: