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I just received this from suit supply. Needs a little pressing near the bottom. It's a Lazio fit in 38R. It's the best fitting off the rack suit I've ever tried and as you can tell, it needs work.I have a lot of anterior pelvic tilt, and I'm assuming weird shoulder slope. This is my best fitting jacket in the shoulders and it still has the rumples in the back. If I force my back straight, all the wrinkles in the back disappear, but I can't do that for more than 5 seconds....
I have walnut polish as well as chili edge dressing so I'll compare them both.Do you have any experience with Allen Edmonds Natural edge dressing? I have a pair of natty cxl PTBs that I need to do the edges on too and really don't want to add color any color to them, but just protect them.
Thanks for clarifying
Perfect. I have chili for my walnut strands and it seemed similar but I wasn't sure.
Quick question for you guys. What edge dressing is recommended for the snuff suede ptb's? I don't have the model number right now, but they're the stock model that everyone is selling now. I Bought this particular pair from Epaulet last month. Thanks for the help!
Maybe I went to heavy. I brushed it the day after I sprayed them because the nap was completely flat. Rubbing my finger on the shoe, the color would not change at all. After a bit of brushing, the texture came back, but not as rich as when they were unsprayed.
The spray waterproofer "to waterproof & protect all types of leather" and on the back it lists suede this the proper one?
I just bought some snuff suede PTB's from Epualet and sprayed them with AE waterproofer. They seem to have lost a lot of that rich texture they had before I sprayed them. I've brushed them for a while after they dried, but it's just not the same. Any advice?
Thank you.
Just received my first pair of Alden's. 9501 Bootmaker Edition from Shoe Mart in Natural CXL. The fit is perfect. I'm in complete love! Does anyone have some info on how to care for Natural CXL that won't affect the color much? Thanks
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