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Quote: Originally Posted by GQ1 I recently bought the Slim Fit Jeans and was very impressed with the fit. Recommended. Can you post actual measurements (rise, thigh, leg opening, waist)? I talked to customer service but what they game me conflicts with measurements earlier in this thread.
Looking for a j crew chambray shirt in size small blue. Let me know if you have one to sell.
I want a pair of the white canvas
What's regular price on the lightweight chinos? Quote: Originally Posted by kraands Some recent CM purchases... - 3 Slim Fit OCBD shirts (paid $39 ea, marked down from $59 ea) - "Kenneth" Cardigan (paid $39, marked down from $98) - "Holden 2 Button Pullover" (paid $39, marked down from $98) - Slim Fit Dress Shirt, best "slim fit" dress shirt that fits almost perfect OTR (paid $19, marked down from $89!) - 2 pair of "Davis Lightweight Chinos",...
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc More info on these?
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by defan I have a question on GAT sizing. I have strange feet apparently. I wear a 9.5D in most tennis shoes (such as NB, Nike, etc.), an 8.5 in Clarks DBs (thin socks), 9 in Katahdins (thin socks). I'm thinking I'm most likely a 270 in GATs but wanted to see what you all thought. Thanks. I'm a 9 db, 9.5 katahdin and wear 275 in the Gats so 270 should be your size.
Offering up a pair of German Army trainers in size 275, 9.5 US. These are in excellent condition, don't even look like they've been worn. There is no sole wear. Letting these go for $66 shipped US/CAN with tracking and insurance (buyer must have confirmed paypal address so we are both covered). I paid $85 to have them proxied, just trying to recoup some of my costs.
Would we even be having this conversation if it was the other way around? If he wanted to not go to work every day, stay home, have a housekeeper clean the house/cook the meals and have a nanny take care of the kid (which means he is essentially doing nothing), while the wife works 60 hrs a week. I would guess most people would tell him to man up, not be a wussy, call him a bum, tell him to contribute to society, etc. Here in north america, women get treated with kid...
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