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Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra 36x34 straight fit, rinsed indigo Thanks for the pic Quote: Originally Posted by Hatch&Whisk im looking at some sweaters on the online sale section and while the size charts advise me that i would be a medium (size 38 chest) i have a feeling that sizing down might be a good choice. I normally wear a small in jcrew knits and a medium in gant rugger. can anyone second me on...
Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra do u want a fit pic or just a pic of them laid out? slim or straight fit? i'll do it tomorrow because my house has bad lighting Just a laid flat picture to see the color would be great. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra well sorry if i sounded like a dick, not judgin anyone Anyways I just received my slim and straight fit jeans in rinsed indigo.....they are the steal of the century for $15 shipped! only major diff i noticed between slim and straight is the leg opening. kept the slims for wear with sneakers and the straight for wear with boots. Would even consider paying full price for them if I never knew they were on sale. fit...
Can somebody tell me the front/back rise and leg opening measurements of the straight in a size 32x32 (or a 31 or 33 waist)?
It looks like the soles are thicker than on the w+h. The pair I bought last summer from dayton looks much slimmer due to having a thinner leather sole.
They put the price up on the white slim fit jeans. If anybody gets a pair of the white in 32x32 and it doesn't work, let me know.
Does anybody know if you can find the dockers sf tapered around Toronto?
Does anybody have or seen the white slim jeans in person? Just wondering if they are a true bright white or off-white? After reading that they can no longer be returned to Sears in Canada, it would cost me $15 just to send them back if I don't like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQ1 Thigh: 11 Knee: 8 At $14.99 these are a steal man. I also ordered the white one! Thanks for the measurements. I'm going to go with my normal size and give a pair of the whites a try. Are the indigo completely dark (no distressing at all)?
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