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I'm looking to buy the blue selvedge chambray in size small. If anybody has one to sell, new or used, let me know. Thanks.
Hi. Looking for a j crew blue chambray size small, item 84018. Used or New. Let me know if you have one and we can work out the price. Thanks.
Does anybody have some past seasons +J suits/blazers they want to sell in medium?
Wow, that's a blatant copy. Also check out ll bean. They have similar that is not distressed and is white, not cream like the j crew/uo.
If anybody has an 8.5 that they are going to return, let me know if you want to sell them instead.
Do they still carry Barbour Internationals in the Canadian stores?
Anybody know where to get cable temple arms for ray ban aviators?
Anybody have/tried on the jaspe t shirts? Wondering on how they size. I usually wear a medium t shirt (american apparel) but go with the small in the chambray shirt (snug fit, can't button up neck). Anyone shed some insight on sizing?
If you have these in gold or silver, the standard size 55mm, let me know. Any condition, I'm looking for a deal. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Bunch of scumbags. Hang them all and feed their liver to the dogs. Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 Seriously, what did they do to deserve this money? If other people didn't find oil, build massive industrial complexes for manufacture of steel, plastics, rubber, etc , invent cars, planes, trains, ships, all the things that are needed for cars etc etc they would still be poor fucking...
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