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Are the uk online measurements accurate compared to your blazer?
Is the gray +j flannel suit a light/medium grey or charcoal? Can anybody post a picture?
I'd go with the ll bean signature boots and get a cobbler to put a vibram/topy on the sole. They'll look good in most situations and should breathe as much as a db's. They soles/heels are also replaceable so after the wear and tear from all that walking, you won't have to throw them out.
edit: doesn't really matter. If anybody gets that navy wool flannel suit in medium and it doesn't work out for them, let me know.
Yeah, I've worn these in southern Ontario winters for the last 2 years. If you're talking city use, they're more than adequate with warm socks. If you're talking -20C with unplowed/unsalted roads/sidewalks that you'll be walking in for hours at a time, maybe go for a lug-soled insulated boot.
Do the wool pants (tasmanian in particular) have extra material to let out in the waist? from the uk site measurements, they seem to be a more fuller leg. Thinking I'll go down a size and get the waist taken in to get them a little slimmer.
Has anybody seen the linen patch-pocket unstructured sportcoats still in stores and if so, what have they been marked down to? Looking to try to pick one up on the cheap. Thanks.
Anybody have one to sell or know where I can find an Upland jacket in navy cotton size medium?
If anybody has a wwm upland jacket in size medium / color navy / cotton or wool to sell, let me know. Thanks.
Has anybody seen them in person yet? Wondering if the gray version is a light gray or mid gray.
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