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Hi. I'm looking for a, preferably sub $300, pair of chelsea boot with a dainite sole for winter wear. Looking for black but suggestions in other colors are welcome also. Brooks brothers had a perfect pair but no longer stock them (1st picture) and the other widely available pair I cam e across was loakes (2nd pic) but they seem a little stubby/not elongated enough. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Does anybody know where I can find replacement peacoat buttons in brown?
As everybody else has said, Richard was top-notch proxying for me. Quick, well-packaged shipment. Excellent service. Thanks again Richard.
+1.I was looking at the navy blazer but the sleeve length on a 38 is 25 1/2". I'd have to get them shortened at least .5" to show any cuff (which would be expensive to have done from the shoulder). Too bad, as all the other measurements seem perfect for me.
functional button cuffs on their blazers was a dumb idea.
Is the button stance on the +j blazers higher or lower than that on the tasmanian jacket?
You know it's bad when Jet hasn't come in here to say "I told you so".
Anybody have the leg opening measurement of the dockers alpha khakis in a size 32 or 33 waist? I assumed it was same as the sf tapered (7.5") but a guy on ebay selling them says it's 7.25"
Yeah, on the japan site, the grey flannel straight pants look light/mid grey but the blazer looks charcoal. They both have the same color code, though.Thanks.
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