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so just check the link of other pix from the same photographer with the same caption if you still dont believe it...what else do we need to prove that these pix are original????
yes, the caption is "Youth In England In The Seventies. 01 Mai 1970"...
another one from the same photographer.. Youth In England In The Seventies. 01 Mai 1970
another fb find... didnt saw these ones from 1970 on here before... at least two ma1 flight jackets in the pix...
this one was posted by symond on fb today: wycombe skinheads 1973
you are right...
skinheads in the evening press - may 1972 (!!!!!)
i know what people from other countries call germans... hunns, fritz, heinie, krauts, boche, squareheads, etc...the list will be to long, so feel free to check this page, hahaha... -->
The term Yankee (sometimes shortened to Yank) has several interrelated meanings, all referring to people from the United States. Within the US it can refer to people originating in the northeastern US, or still more narrowly New England, where application of the term is largely further restricted to the descendants of colonial English settlers in the region. Outside the US it is used to refer to people from the US in general.
just found these ones on fb: Willesden Boys - Smart, Bill and Shed TOUCH-UP..........White Horse, Church Road NW10 Original photo taken by Infamous Willesden photographer 'Smut the Leg' - due to having half a shandy prior to taking the photo Smut's shakes has resulted in an out of focus picture.
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