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London skinheads 1978
what i think...and as i remember right that pic was allready shown on here before and no one said it isnt original...wanted some data?? "In 1961, David Morgan of Burford, Oxfordshire, UK believes that he constructed the first experimental plastic traffic cones, which replaced pyramid-shaped wooden ones previously used."
here are 2 of my original ones with small grooves.. but only my black ones got the bigger grooves u are talking about....
i guess we already had this pic before, as i remember right..outside steel caps..
no, not by solovair.. the original bunch of the so called uk skinheads forum astronauts were handmade/handcut from some deadstock oxblood leather and deadstock tredair soles.. as i remember right they were made as a strictly limited edition around 20 or 30 pairs and just for board (british boot company) found out about it and thought it will be a good idea to produce them for everyone...and now you will find these so called 69 boot...
1969 Bronco Bullfrog Movie Stills
i´m european and yes i was there shopping too some years ago, hahaha...
flightjacket, rolled up jeans and boots.. Astronauts David R. Scott (32nd TFS), Sernan and Chaffee, Training in Iceland, 1965
no need for replicas if you still can find old and original ones on ebay or here... have lots of old levi 501´s too:
Chris Killip, Youth on Wall, Jarrow, Tyneside, 1976
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