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did we had this one on here before???
i never mentioned it and never said anything like this, i just dont like them on hard to understand for you?????
interested in the truth?? wtf are you talking about??? it´s just my personal taste.. nothing more, nothing less... btw, never said anything about jeans rolled up to the everybody have to like every single part of the clothes, cause they are "the truth"???if you do, it´s your choice...
dont think that this one was posted on here before... beside that one with two of the guys holding it: but we all know these ones:
yes, i totally agree... if i wanna see someone wearing monkey boots, it must be a girl.. Woolwich, London. 1978.
here´s another movie still from the "Breaking of Bumbo".. --->>
same caption style... --->>>
found these on facebook... from the movie "Breaking of Bumbo" 1970
we already had that pic on here some time ago... ---->>>
as a long time reader you really just joined this forum on 8/2013??and you never had anything to say in all the years you were here as a long time reader???wondering if you are just not man enough to post that under your real name??so who is the joke now????
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