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Absolutely! Just ask a salesman or (preferably) a manager. If you don't ask, you won't get. I got an absolutely obscene deal on a Zegna tux at Off 5th by asking.
I've got a down sofa and am not sure I'd buy another. The wife hates it, as it consistently bunches up in uncomfortable ways, and cushions are not as easily fluffed evenly as pillows. We do experience some feather leaking, as well, but it is relatively minor and infrequent. Our couch is well-made and was rather pricey, so your price seems reasonable; you just need to consider the alternatives. The notion of a down sofa surpassed the reality.
I'm wait-listed at my nearest Sprint store, but have played around with the EVO, and it is AWESOME! I really thought I would not want a phone without a physical keyboard (as I really don't like my wife's Android Hero keyboard), but typing on the EVO was an unexpected breeze. I don't think I could type any faster or any more accurate on a physical keyboard (I will admit that I am not the greatest typist, tho'). Can't wait to get my EVO!
For about $200, you might check this out... http://www.ionaudio.com/blockrocker
Some folks have had a tailor sew a pocket inside the breast pocket to hold smaller squares. The pocket has a button, so it can be released to accomodate larger squares. Alternatively, you could place a small, folded white hanky at the bottom of your breast pocket to prop up your smaller squares.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I admire your use of the boutonniere, but I have to admit that the stalky receptacles sticking out undermine their elegance considerably. I can see the reluctance to pulling an unaltered flower through, but it looks off to me otherwise. The only real solution for big flowers like that is to have them properly made up, which involves a bit of surgery by a knowledgable florist. Just sayin'. Do you have...
[quote=Dw3610wm;3105257] A thing that bothers me is when people say "yeah well it only costs them this much to make it" - well no shit, but you would need a factory of your own equipment, very skilled tailors/leather artisans, machines, advertizing (which is why you are buying a brand or so), retail space (which is how you are led to the actual product), sales staff, the rent of both factory and retail space, the service staff you are keeping employed (where you get free...
Anybody know anything about this HTC Supersonic or as Sprint as a carrier? I've had Sprint for years and have found the service and plans to be good. The "Supersonic" is now the "Evo" and looks fairly amazing. Got an email from Sprint yesterday stating that it will be available this summer. It has a screen nearly 25% bigger (and with substantially more detail) than iPhone. The dimensions are fairly similar ('tho the Evo weighs 6oz vs. 4.8oz for the iPhone). ...
You could go with a white, long, silk boxer-brief (avail at wintersilks.com for about $20). The brief goes well-below mid-thigh and ends just above the knee. It would be about the same as having a silk half-lining in those slacks. Been thinking about this solution myself for a couple pairs of unlined linen trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche Don't like it too much. I think that if you are going to wear a regatta stripe, wear a really loud one, such as with really bold navy or red and white awning stripes. This looks like its trying to be a regatta, but is too embarassed to be a REAL regatta, so it is settling for something meh in the middle. Go hard or go home. +1
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