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no more feedback? :-(
no more feedback? :-(
that's a great suggestion, I actually spotted him already (he has a fantastic Instgram on top of the actual blog). It's the only one I was able to find...
Hi guys, I'm looking for Japanese fashion blogs (regardless whether the authros are Japanese themselves or expats) that cover, at least partly, the whole denim/heritage thing. Any suggestion? Thanks, Simone
While Barena is positioned as an Italian version of Engineered Garments (with a superior quality), Sandro Zara, the founder, has another semi-artisanal and far more strange brand called "Tabarrificio Veneto": it offers tabards and short coats: http://www.tabarroshop.com
Barena fits true to size, perhaps a bit on the small side. If you are in between sizes, you might want to size up, especially if you prefer a more "comfy" look. Otherwise stick to your size.
...the Stockholm-based answer to Vans-meet-Common Projects? http://www.eytys.com They are available for pre-order now. Not sure about the super-prominent rubber sole but they do look intriguing... (well, New Editions are never going to come out, you know...)
Marrkt.com has a pretty good sale on CP right now. A lot of small sizes (39 and 40) were available when I last checked.
so...how do you guys order stuff from the SS flagship store?
Anyone selling this or a similar model in size III? PM me.
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