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 EU = European
Finally caved and put these on this morning.  No need for a break in, just laced them up and walked out the door.  Oh and I still haven't sprayed them.  I will when I get some protector. So far I must say I like the commando sole, these are my first Alden's with the commando sole and I have to say they are very comfortable. These boots are brilliant!  
Wife and I went out to meet some friends for dinner this evening.  Wore the King LWB's for the occasion. Love how different they look in different light.  The shell is really starting to turn into a nice eggplant colour I was hoping for.      
Where did they come from?If the scuff is that bad then return them.My unlined snuff chukka's  have nothing on the inside.  What sort of fit issue?  Mine fit very well, did you get sized properly?
Just curious as I have not read all the posts on this thread, but with all the "complaints" people have mentioned in the past few months has Gustin actually chimed in here and given an explanation/ apology? I mean, I read the Epaulet thread and the owner is very active in that thread and extremely loyal to his customers.   Just asking.
If you know your size just ask Lost and Found to order them for you.They did for me in the summer when I asked them to. You never know, they might oblige you.Can't hurt to ask.Good luck.
How do they fit? Will your pants ever be that high where people will see the roll?   Mine now have rolls at the ankle.   Personally I wouldn't mind it as long as they fit well... I mean they were discounted, right (I hope).
  Thanks for the head up, I will head over there tomorrow and see if he has any.I will keep you posted.
About a month ago when LS was taking deposits for the next run on these I sent them an email and got on the list.  Two days later they told me somebody backed out from the previous run and my size was available, so I snatched them up. Now, I need to get some Nano spray on these so I can wear them.  They've been in the box for close to a month.   Any where in Toronto where I can get some Nano?  
New Posts  All Forums: