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New for me, just got this the other day. Couldn't pass up the great deal.     So, which NATO to throw it on?  
 If you aren't already a member on Watchuseek you should join, I noticed a few for sale the other day.I picked mine up there from a guy local to me for a very good price. Good luck.
How do you like it?
Try and find a Seiko SKX007, very good diver that looks good and is a workhorse.
King LWB's and some Robert Graham socks.
Thanks for the info.
Received these recently. How much do they shrink when washed? I think the sleeves might be too short after a wash.
Are these the ones from Leffot?I was there a few days ago, they are quite nice in person.
So I'm in NYC for my honeymoon and this happened. The other day it was almost these.
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