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Well I went to Oliver Spencer in TO looking for a tan medium duffle. The manager showed me this and sold it to me for a smokin' deal.I think he said he had another but don't quote me on that.You can email them and ask if they have anymore.
 Sorry, my phone was giving me grief the other day.Not the greatest pics but here you go.   
Disco, where did you get the tan vegano calf captoes, they're beautiful.
Just picked up a Nanamica medium duffle , such a good looking bag.
This is good info.Thanks for sharing.
Oliver Spencer on Queen St. W carries Filson.Not sure about a discount though.
Say what?
So I've had these for a few months and one thing I can't do is get them to shine up very well. Suggestions? Oh and I purchased these a few weeks ago The colour on these is very rich. Love them.
I have purchased a few pair of Alden from them. Great store, great staff.I've also seen these in person, great boot.Jump on it if you can.
What's the general consensus with the way you all wash your denim? Machine wash cold and hang dry? Hand wash (soak) cold and hang dry? Machine wash cold then throw them in the dryer? Thanks.
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