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So, I received these back in early October and have worn them about a dozen times since them.  Unfortunately they just do not fit me that well. I sized down from my usual size as an experiment because I felt my older Indy boots were too roomy.  Since these are on the TB last I thought why not. Well, I wore them again the other day and they just are not that comfortable. I will be posting them up to the B&S later this week but thought I'd mention it here in case anyone...
  I'm sure you'd forget about the battery if you were blasting a knee thru a turn on it or wheelie-ing the crap out of it.;-)
Anyone interested in a Beaufort in navy, I'm gonna put it up for sale.  I believe it's a size 44, I will check when I get home and will also post pics. Just wanted to give you guys first dibs on it.   Let me know.
These were worn yesterday.... hey need some TLC, I have to hit them with a brush sometime.  Hopefully this weekend.     Today these made the cut.     They're great in the snow, as long as it's not too deep.  
Up for your consideration is a pair of Persol 649. As you can see by the pictures they are in very good shape. I just do not wear them anymore, the last time was probably 6 months ago. I do have the Persol case that will be shipped with them. Shipping is not included in the price above.   If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.   Thank you..
Any before pics?  How long did it take for them to stitch it up?
Got this one as an early Christmas gift to myself.   Really digging it.  
Sporting this one today with a pair of boots that match the strap. Stowa Fleiger on a custom #8 cordovan strap.  
Got this one a while back and haven't  worn it in quite some time.  Put it on a new strap and a it's like a totally different watch.     Also picked this one up a month back.  Really like this one but not on the bracelet it come with.  
I usually give these a decent cleaning once a year. This time I had them cleaned while my flight back to Toronto was delayed due to a storm in Montreal.   Before:     After:  
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