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Shell shoes, shell strap. Sorry they clash.
Mike,I'm guessing she tapers from the inseam?
 Wasn't really directed at anyone in particular.Thanks for replying though, gives me a good idea.I think I might just go with a medium duffle for travel and such.
did the Pullman replace the medium travel bag?
Just these today. Trying my best to do a MrDV but in my office, sans grass.
One of my favourite pair from LS that my now wife bought for me about 3 years ago.   Question, is it possible to give these a bit of a shine? I tried some Saphir Reno, it did clean them up quite a bit and give them back a bit of life. Lastly, what can I use on the edging?  They seem to be drying up a little.   Thanks.  
That sir is a good looking watch.Can you provide any feedback on it?It was on my radar but I've picked up 3 divers in the past 6 months so I think im good for a while.
These get abused from time to time. Four years and going strong. Then some TLC..... That's as good as it gets.
 I like my coats to be roomy cause I like to be comfortable.I have a Martindale that fits nicely with a button down and merino v-ncek under.  The coat is insulated too so I am plenty warm with the added layers and a scarf. Now I also picked up a Beaufort recently and went with one size up for two reasons.  1. the sleeves were almost too short with a 40. 2. I would not be able to layer underneath.  I ended up with a 42 (I'm a 46 in a sport coat), sleeve length is perfect...
New Posts  All Forums: