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  This is exactly how Leffot sized mine when I purchased them years ago.Enjoy the chukka's, they're great for this time of year. Why not get them from LF in Y-Ville?
 Depends on how long you want it to be.  The Beaufort is longer than the Bedale.  See if you can try on both and judge for yourself.They are both a little different besides length.
Looks like a Beaufort.
This guy has been getting lots of wrist time lately.    
Yes, they are Vizslas.... good eye.  Male and female.I am not a hunter but they are both trained and have excelled at it when they were younger.  They have been hunted over by my friends and me their handler.Nothing pleases me more than watching a bird dog work a field, it's truly a great experience.   LOL... yes, we used to get that with my male when he was a pup... "Hey, he's a cute Ridgeback, where's his ridge?" Okay, now back to my initial query about the Alden...
Thank you. Thanks Mike. This is interesting.I will contact Alden and just see what they say from the get go.  If they will not re-sole them due to a replaced heel then I think they will be in my bad books as far as customer service after the fact goes. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again.
Well this isn't good. I was seeing which of my Alden's to wear out for Easter dinner this evening and decided to go with my favourite Alden slippers, Snuff Chukka's. Low and behold I discovered this on the bottom of the right shoe.   Send it back to Alden for a repair and hope I get it back in time for summer or see if someone local can do the trick?  My only worry is that they won't be able to do the same sole as Alden does. For reference these are about 5 years old...
  Look at that SHINE!
 Amen to that.I have been riding for many years and I still don't take passengers, not because I am not confident in my riding skills but because I could not live with myself if my wife got hurt because of some reckless cager.  
 Who cares what they think it might be.Get a watch you like and wear the hell out of it.
New Posts  All Forums: