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What's the general consensus with the way you all wash your denim? Machine wash cold and hang dry? Hand wash (soak) cold and hang dry? Machine wash cold then throw them in the dryer? Thanks.
You won't regret it. That watch is a workhorse.Enjoy it.
Bought one shirt a year ago and no customs charge. Bought three a month or so back and got hit with a customs charge of $60.
  Yes, that's her. Happy, I posted again  By the way, Happy 4th to all of you south of the border.  Have a safe long weekend.
Late to the game but...stunning.First you make a motorcycle now this.Well done.
Stunning.You should be proud, very proud.How does she ride?
That thing is a beast. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q21_fJqPCOA
Shorts and LS CXL LHS.
I recently ordered 3 OCBD's on the recommendation by the CS rep online. Got the shirts and they are too snug around the chest and the waist, more so in the chest. Shirts are Tokyo Classic.   My question, if I size up to the next size, their chart tells me the Yoke of the shirt is 1" wider, would that help in making the shirt a little larger?  The collar will be 3/4" larger too, I don't wear ties with my shirts so I don't think it will be too bad.  Of course all the...
Poor man's sub. Not bad for a $45 watch. It's a workhorse.
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