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I got this in today.  Not bad for under $500. My first anthracite dial. Karlskrona Baltic Shield.  
Mark,  I recently picked up a medium duffle and went on a 4 day trip to the US for a bud's wedding.  I packed it with a pair of Alden boots with trees, 3 crewneck merino sweaters, 2 pair of denim, underwear, socks, tees and two button down shirts and a hoodie.    Suit was in a suit bag so not in the duffle. I noticed there was still lots of room in the bag.   Wish I had taken pics. Hope that helps.
I think he approves of the gunboats. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  You mean crystal, the dial looks fine.Any watch repair shops in your area, they can probably source it out for you.
 Fantastic looking piece.Might look good on a leather nato too.
  That's great, thank you.
  That's a beauty, let's see some more shots of it please.
Don L, curious, how do you clean your choco tankers, I still have yet to clean mine.  Also, do you reapply the Nano after a certain amount of  wears?  Thanks.
I've had my Stowa Fleiger for a few years now.... great watch.  I am sure you'd be happy with a B dial. 
Looks like an Indy in calf and the previous owner swapped soles. I could be wrong though.
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