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 It was I who you met... Good to meet you too.  It was  nice evening talking shoes, clothing and style.@blue collar was killing it with his SWB's, they were stunning in person.
Got this in the mail the other day.... loving it so far.       I like how different it is compared to my Squale.     I also need someone to go to Cuba for me, I need more Partagas :D
  Yep, took it to the cottage to work on it over the winter.Perks of having a FIL who is a drag racer and knows his way around cars and bikes.  Plus he'd like to work on it together.It doesn't need much work, just a few gremlins to work out. Once it's up and running we will have to take the bikes out.
Can't wait to see how this one turns out.Should have brought my SV to you for "restoration"
Back in Sept I went to NYC for my honeymoon. While there I tried on the same boots at the Madison store. Size 11D was too tight, went to an 11E and too wide, then tried an 11.5D. Better in width but too long and sloppy in the heel.Headed over to JCrew Liquor store and picked up these https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/boots/PRDOVR~20853/20853.jsp in 10.5D, couldn't be happier.Good luck finding your size.
This one looks better on you.Can you layer underneath it?
 Those are great looking.
Today called for a big selvedge denim cuffs and #8 LWB's.   Question, as the day goes on my right shoe seems to feel roomier than the left, to the point that when I walk I hear a "whoosh" from the air escaping out of the shoe.  When I ordered these I had tried on a 10D and they were too short, these are a 10.5 D and fit great other than the minor issue.  Would an insole help or should I just leave it be?  
New for me, just got this the other day. Couldn't pass up the great deal.     So, which NATO to throw it on?  
New Posts  All Forums: