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I love wide lapels, I think they must be proportionate to the shoulders as well as the tie and knot. Was this custom made or off the rack? I would guess custom made and they cut it a bit wider, but hey it still looks great just dropping my 2 cents. Some people would like it even wider.
Just saw this thanks. Is there another forum more spefied for conservative attire for the office? Lots of what I have seen looks great but I could not wear to work.
Lapels look overly wide. Great color.
Looks great
Trying to get some more ideas on what to wear everyday to work. I am in one of the few jobs that has not retrated to business casual so I still wear a jacket shirt and tie everyday. I try to spice up looks with interesting stuff but I have had trouble matching more out of the box styles. Searching on google does not really help me, I want to see what real people with style wear. I often find myself wearing a white shirt and solid (gray/blue) suit with any out of the...
Just to give everyone some feedback, I am still a CT customer and have over 25 shirts from them. All the people who I have sent to CT have also been great customers. The few people who were able to get orders at 25bucks all went back and bought 4 for 200 as I do every season. Posting in the heat of the moment was il mannered by me, I still love the company and admire that they are trying to break the barier between quality and price. If you have not tried the shirts I...
Did this every happen? I would be down for another get together.
Similar to some of those peak lapels regarding the straight gorge, but I have seen it lately with notched lapels. The picture with the notch lapel is somewhat what I am describing but that cut is throwing me off to tell you the truth! Thanks for your help though!
Has anyone seen any suits with an almost straight gorge? I have seen a few people wearing these now and wanted to see if I could track down a picture for my tailor. I made this image below with my exceptional Photoshop skills for reference Thanks!
I think Boss Black slim fit does the trick. If you are looking for good non-iron your best bet is bb extra slim fit or charles t. tailored fit. Really you cant come close to those two on price for product. I get my bb during the 40% off sale they are around 45 each and ct has deals all the time to get shirts for that same price. For a quality shirt 45 is unbeatable.
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