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Like new, mint condition pants, great for casual wear. More details here: Exact measurements: (laid flat) Waist: 16" Inseam: 32.5" Front Rise: 10" Knee: 8" Thigh: 11" Leg opening: 7"
Brand new with tags and packaging. Exact measurements: Pit to Pit: 20 in. Shoulder to Shoulder: 16.5 in. Sleeve length: 25.5 in. Total length of shirt from collar to very bottom of back of shirt: 31 in. Price includes shipping including tracking to USA/Canada.
how often does AE go on sale? I'm very tempted at the moment to buy as I've been watching it but it wouldn't be " financially responsible" for me at the moment to drop down another $250
cancel that.
Bumping this up for future reference
Shoot, my obenauf LP is in the mail, but that means I'll have to shop locally to find oil (avoid MINK and Petroleum distillates) or wait even longer via online order... sigh. Already itching to wear them, been wearing them around the house a bit already haha.8.5D in Rust (for a friend of mine, he saw mine and held them in his hands, needless to say more than impressed especially after informing him about Goodyear welts, CXL Horween leather and USA made).Can you grab a...
Quick question(s). 1) Read through every page, seems like cleaning/oil is applied for worn boots, but how about brand new? Brand new pair (just came in from Cranes), never worn, would you still suggest applying oil FIRST then the LP? (obenauf) 2) How many eyelets up do you guys tie up with your laces? Must come down to preference right? Oh, and Crane's, I'll be calling today to order another pair of Wolv 1k's 8.5D
just received mine, thanks Crane's waiting on my Obenauf LP to come in and apply it before first wear. RUST - supple leather, the quality is ... indescribable. srs.
adding soles
PM's replied.
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