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pm sent on double-strap monks (11.5b)!
Took long enough, but the collection was finally previewed yesterday. Info + slideshow - I'm not so huge a fan of Browne's, but this collection is much better than expected if only because he came back down to Earth just enough for his clothes to be wearable, beautifully made and classic-in-look. Did I mention wearable? Bout damn time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake Yes, I'm certain they had to have come from there. Yup. Although the pieces were neither imperfects nor leftover-alterations. And I agree that the cut of the Zegna's a bit off a standard 44s. It fit my pops like a glove, though, so I'm not complaining.
At the Barneys sale, I picked up a grey Hickey-Freeman suit for $47, a Barney's sportcoat for $47, another sportcoat (brand slips my mind; starts with a P) for $47, Burberry pants for $15 and a Zegna sportcoat for $50 (the pants and Zegna coat are for my father). Oh, and grabbed a few pocket squares and ties for $15ish each. Last weekend of the sale is always worth it if you know how/where to look. Here are pics of the Zegna - Have pics of the others if...
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