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Very much interested in the kicks - I've been looking to buy these for a while. I comfortably wear a 8.5E in the 348 last. Need to figure out whether I'm the same in the 341.
Quote: Originally Posted by LilacCords [color="YellowGreen"] Anyway...Green Jacket, Pink Shirt, Navy tie, White Hankerchief, Charcoal trousers, Tan shoes. Light green linen 3-patch w/ peak lapels? Bit too much going on there; especially re: the latter two features.
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie This just screams "I'm trying so hard." How? If anything, it shows a well-made jacket with the collar sitting perfectly and nary a crease.
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer Thanks. Yes, shoes are too light. I was actually wearing light gray pants with this outfit today. Since someone asked for a picture of the suit, I swapped out the pants so he could see the full rig. Looks great; think that might be the next length of cloth that I pick up. Did you get the suit made local?
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE If you were invited to the white house, what would you wear? So why would you do less when going to offer worship to God? I see a difference in that the person occupying the former exists; the latter, well, questionable.
Quote: Originally Posted by citizenshame I don't know how else to say this, but..... everything about this looks bad. false
Ah, what the hell.
I'm classless for putting this up, but w/e.
Don't miss Chelsea Farmers Club. Both the outlet and the main store. Great town for streetwear; I'll dig up the list I put together last time I was there...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Let's try this again Buttons are 1/4" too close but I'll live with it. And ignore the pants...I've dropped about 10 lbs and need to get them altered. I think you could do with a less cutaway quarters (or round them off some. The sleeves could use a slimming below the elbow.
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