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Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Sizing in UK or US? both
Thanks. Frank really did a great job and I'm looking forward to a few more pieces. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Yes that looks pretty good. There's a clear X at the buttoning point, which I don't love, but maybe that's scruff's preference for a tighter fit. Agree. Some tweaks will be made, including letting the waist out a nip and cleaning up some rippling above the right (my right) pocket. Here's maybe a better shot showing...
First wearing of a new/first Ercole's number, shot in various exotic locales. Will eventually get proper photos up. Tie is a handblocked wool/silk blend. I think older Drake's but unsure (it was made for Jay Kos). shoulder porn.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Dovers? Very nice.
I quite like it, and would recommend you post on the London Lounge for proper feedback.
Thanks. I pm'd Ed. This thread is my backup.
I drank the kool-aid and am looking for a suit length of the venerable 0520 fresco. Huddersfield Fine Worsted only has 2.5 meters of the fabric in stock and won't re-up until July. Does anyone know of a source in NYC (or, hell, anywhere else) that may have a suit length to sell? Many thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I'm not exactly losing sleep over your opinion. So are you saying, to speak in your parlance, that you're "cool with it"?
If anything, this thread has made me very excited to take delivery my first suit from Frank Ercole on Tuesday. Oh to soon be able to wear pants made by the second most handstitchingest pantsmaker in the world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nice C&J. Out of curiousity, do you know if they are on the 360?
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