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Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH You shouldn't button your bottom button. It's a paddock jacket, though.
Bump for updates and price drops!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm this is something that always makes me uncomfortable about having items tailored - the making up of pricing on the spot that is prevalent. especially since most of the time it does not seem to work in my favor... Do you get a lot of items tailored? I think that, at the end of the day, if you become a repeat customer, the overall price works itself out to be in your favor (considering discounts, items...
Quote: Originally Posted by P. Bateman Big G? The shuttle isn't so bad. Nope. Fenwick & West; little law firm up the street. I'll be doing the 8am-8pm shift, so the car it is.
I'll x-ref some relevant items that I have up in a separate thread - http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=249571 **** 2. Tweed Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. 2 button, ticket pocket, double-vented, fully-lined, unpadded shoulders. Made in Italy. Tagged 40s, but fits like a 38s. Worn all of 3 times (note that the sleeve tag was removed). Length (BOC): 28.5", Shoulders: 17.75", Sleeve: 23.75" (w/ 2" to give), Chest: 41", Waist: 39". $140 CONUS Larger photo...
Quote: Originally Posted by andreyb2 I, personally, fail to understand how opinions and stories (touristy or not) shared by marcodalondra, banis and others 'derail' this thread or devalue mafoofan's initial (and, once again, excellent) post. For me, it's quite opposite -- they enrich it with a different viewpoint and a bit of dialogue. No one has monopoly on truth. Andrey +1. It's quite nice and informative to hear other perspectives...
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius Anybody ever use these guys for alterations? Are they good at diagnosing a fitting issue? Yes and yes. It's a shame that I'm moving to SF in a few weeks - I was looking fwd to using Frank > Cardelino as my alterations tailor.
Posted this up in the cloth thread. Will be made up in a similar configuration, but i'm having it fully lined per my tailor's suggestion. It's a lightweight Kiton cashmere and think it versatile enough for most any color of pant (other than similar pastel shades).
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer On the other hand, when you are told over and over and in very clear language that your behavior is bothering someone, stop that behavior. Even if you don't think your behavior is bad, you have been told repeatedly that it's bothering someone. Continuing that behavior, even if you feel it's not that bad, is just deliberately being obnoxious. Stopping the behavior is really simple to do. :\\
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