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Individualized look great! The factor is a stones through from where my parents live and I"ve been meaning to give a try. Where did you get fitted and what do you think about fabric/make quality? cheers
I'm going to see Frank Sr. for a fitting Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you're in the hood, let's grab a bite or beer.
The green stuff; about 14oz or so and tons of color. Hopefully it will be ready by the time the cold and wet SF winter kicks in. Going to get fitted when I'm back in Brooklyn over Thanksgiving weekend, and plan to take delivery in December.Still thinking about lining color and whether I want 2 or 3 patch.
Hm. Definitely not short; not sure how you'd be able to tell since my legs aren't in the shot.And Frank suggested taking both in at the waist (which would be in line w/ my suits), but I told him not to. Might take the blue in a bit...we'll see.He just got my length of fabric for my next jacket. He's as excited as I am to get it made up.
For what it's worth (and because I've been thinking about patch pockets too much today), here are two of my Ercole's commissions from this summer. I think the shapes are about perfect, but have asked Frank to place the pockets a bit lower (and maybe a tad longer) for the next commission, which will be a heavier piece.
I, of course, came to realize this after already commissioning a suit in the 520.
Awesome. I've been by there a few times (I live nearby and am prone to hit up Four Barrel 3-4 times in a day if I'm working from home) and really like the guys and the product. They do CMT, too, which is great since I'm sitting on a fair bit of shirting fabric back east. In fact, I think the labor cost is about the same as Hemrajani. How have you found the workmanship/construction compared to other makers?
navy. something chalky looking if possible.
Ercole's in the wild. 2-patch lightweight cashmere (much duller and darker green irl). My companion is also of Brooklyn vintage.
Ercole's in the wild. 2-patch lightweight cashmere. My companion is also of Brooklyn vintage.
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