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these are awesome, I have a pair. comfortable as fuqq. someone get them.
ISAORA has one I've been eyeing for quite some time.
attachment, shellac, and undercover will the on the japanese Gilt in a few days.
damn, nice shoe/boot collection
what the fuck thrift stores are you guys going to? I llve in LA and see crap at my local ones.
want. too broke. sadface
cool thread! largely been a lurker here, but my style and sense of self have both grown by leaps and bounds. I originally came with the mentality of "these guys know what cool is, so if you wear what they wear, you'll be cool too." Kind of a monkey-see monkey-do attitude. Ive since figured out what works for ME and what doesn't, and what gels with my body type. Well-made basics really survive some time. I have an Isaora insulated zip hoodie that will last me FOREVER, and...
what happens if you dont sell today?
that bonnet looks alot like a beanie...
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