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Amazing price on these boots. The horsehide is beautiful
Ever thought of making a sunglass pouch or phone pouch (particularly for an iPhone)?
Monday will by my 6th week since I placed the order. This wait is brutal! Seeing everyone else get their pair just makes me want mine even more.
Fantastic looking boots, just too big for me as well. Since I'm also a big fan of Neon Indian, you deserve a free bump.
They look amazing. I can't wait for mine to arrive.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 your probably a popular size ... that totally sucks. there worth the wait. Yeah, I wear 10.5, pretty popular size if not the most popular. I'm just anxious for them to arrive.
I ordered my Vibram Navy Trail Oxfords almost 3 weeks ago. The order says it's still processing. You lucky dogs. I just want mine to arrive already.
Just bought the Vibram Trail Oxford in Navy. Cannot wait for them to arrive.
For anyone that has ordered from Oak Street, are the shoes insured when they are shipped? The S&H seems high but I'd rather pay extra and have them insured.
I can vouch for the quality of the keyhooks. Amazing for the price. Incredibly fast shipping as well.
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