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Cool. This sounds similar to the camber sometimes built into structural members in buildings and is visible in some unloaded flat beds. The original shape counters the deflection expected under load.
has more to do with the stye of coat than the color i think
I got my bushacres from
I just bought a pair and when I saw how much rain they'd absorb I applied Clapham's Beeswax Leather Dressing. The color darkened to very close to the beeswax Original's finish, which I like a lot better. If you put anything on them other than spray silicone, they'll darken.
Maybe so, I dunno. I saw both in beeswax a few minutes apart last night, and the only difference I saw was the sole. The workmanship and upper seem comparable and these are cheaper by a third. I have never been a fan of crepe for urban seems to wear unevenly so that you can end up walking on oddly curved soles after a while, even though it gives decent cusioning that lasts. These have less cusioning for sure... insoles could help with that. I found Clapham's...
You could try Clapham's Leather Beeswax Dressing if you don't want them beat up:
Just bought those, but they aren't the "originals" line. It's a cheaper line made in Viet Nam and doesn't have the crepe sole but some other synthetic. I like the look better as it's not brightly contracting. Saw the same shoe last night in a mall for 97.99. From Sears they are only available online and they ding you with a 3 dollar handling charge.On sizing be careful. They are big. I take a 13 normally, and the 12 fits.
I have the same drop and find several 'slim fit' shirts work fine for me. I guess it depends on how tight you want it to be. I'm happy with minimal bunching at the waist band. There is a thread on slim fits btw.
The swastika is an ancient 'spiritual' symbol from central asia that dates back to the Neolithic with associations to the sun that was more recently appropriated by murderous nutjobs... Amazing coincidence.
Day old member with modified swastika avatar posts question on concealing weapons and members bite.
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