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Belstaff Jacket, Bespoken Club Collar shirt, Barneys NY Gloves PM me with offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by adrift So you're the guy behind streetetiquette. I've been following your site for a while. Really nice. Your style is really "unique". Takes courage to pull off those camp socks. By the way I want your chinos man. Where did you get em from? It says in the post.. They are j.crew
Quote: Originally Posted by Prestosmp Having a f*cking blast at home!! Ode to being young! Fantastic Tie, Sabir! Info?
Quote: Originally Posted by spatten I live in Iowa and we have snow/ice mix nearly half of the year round. If I am walking a good distance I will typically switch to my Dainite and Commando soles. I would recommend both for the winter over leather. How do the Dainite soles hold up with the snow/ice? Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Buy the shoes/boots you like and then invest in a pair of rubber overshoes. Wear...
I've done quite a bit of research on this subject, but am still searching for answers. I'm looking for a nice leather lace-up boot with a sleek silhouette AND sole, to wear with jeans/cords/casual trousers that would be adequate for the inclement weather coming up in NYC. 1.) What would be optimal in terms of sole? I've read Dainite is not good for snow/ice, and other rubber soles such as commando are generally too bulky for my taste. 2.) Would a thinner rubber sole...
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